August Favorites

img_9540-e1535685831596.pngFirst off, I wanna apologize for being so MIA on here these past couple weeks…I’ve honestly been SO busy! I just got done with my first week of my senior year (eek) + I am finally getting back into the groove of things. I have tons of new blog posts planned, but for now, I thought that sharing some of my latest favorites would be the perfect way to catch you guys up on what I’ve been lovin’ this month! From vegan cream cheese to sneakers, here are my absolute favorites from August:img_9528-e1535685859879.png

IMG_9530 2.JPG

Graphic Tee

Leopard Print Brandy Skirt

Nike Sneakers — these are a MUST have.


Polka-Dot Romper



Daniel Wellington Watch— use my code JAMIELYN for discount!

Black Bodysuit

TLROOM Joggers — seriously my favorite brand ever…these are so soft!

Adidas Slides


Olive Jumpsuit

Clear Pouch Bag — how fun is this?!



Jade Roller PRO TIP: keep in freezer…you’ll thank me later!

OLAY Daily Facials — so much better than makeup wipes, I love these!

TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask


Cover FX drops  — perfect for glowy, tan skin

Vanity Planet Oval Brushes — I have been loving these for my daily makeup + skincare routine! They seriously makes my skin look airbrushed



Case App Phone Case— use my code JAMIELYN20 for a discount on your own personalized phone case/laptop skin!

Homesick Candles — Love this brand + this KY candle smells amazing

Siete Grain Free Lime Tortilla Chips — These have been my obsession all summer long. Needless to say, you need to go to your local Sprouts and get these RN!

Vegan Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese — this is so, so good + I found it at Target


Summer Looks I’m Lovin’






I just wanted to put up a quick little blog post to share some of my favorite looks I’ve been styling lately. This past Sunday, my boyfriend + I ventured to North Park (which is my absolute favorite little neighborhood in SD). It’s so cute + eclectic and has the best places for shopping + food! I decided to finally try out Holy Matcha, aka blogger heaven, and I was obsessed! If you’re ever in San Diego, you HAVE to go to North Park! Anyways, I’ve teamed up with Threads to share with you guys this adorable set. I just recently came across their brand and I am in love! I absolutely love a nice set, because it is so easy + it gives the impression that you look put together. Not to mention, they are SO versatile! I am already planning tons of outfits in my head with these pieces. I will link these exact pieces + a few of my favorite sets below!

Threads Set

FP Set — I LOVE the way they styled this!

F21 Set

Nasty Gal Set  – their whole site is 50% off rn!!

White Bodysuit

Denim Mini Skirt

White Belt

Knit Cardigan — my favorite thing ever!

Wicker Bag


Cross Necklace


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for upcoming stuff on the blog, I have tons of fun posts planned for August, xoxo.


Life Update – Moving, Beauty + Style


IMG_9177 2


These past couple weeks have been hectic…in between moving, strep-throat, and lack of WiFi, I haven’t been able to post on here as much as I’d like. With that being said, I want to give you guys an update on what I’ve been up to since we last talked. So here’s what I’d like to call a little round-up of the past few weeks, and some tips + tricks I’ve learned along the way…


One not so “little” update  for you guys, is that I just recently moved into my own little place and I am beyond grateful + excited about it. Ever since I moved out to California in 2015, I have had at least 5+ roommates every year and some crazy experiences to go along with it. With those experiences, I have learned a lot about life and a whole lot about myself…one of those things being, that I prefer to have my own space. I don’t know if this is normal for a twenty-one year old to say, but I’ve realized I am the type of person who loves a clean, happy environment and that’s kinda what influenced my decision to live alone. Needless to say, I am basically the definition of an introverted-extrovert and I love having my own space but I also love being an out-going twenty-one year old sometimes, so I just felt like this was the perfect way for me to find a healthy balance. I think that’s all that really matters…it can be easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or what seems to be the “norm” in college, but it’s so important to remember to put your own happiness first.

I am absolutely obsessed with home decor + interior design so you can look forward to loads of posts in the future dedicated to that. As for now, you can enjoy this tiny glimpse of my kitchen because I am a perfectionist and I don’t want to make a post until everything is settled in…sorry I’m crazy I know.

I’d have to say one of my favorite parts about moving so far has been being able to explore my new neighborhood and all the cool eats + drinks in Pacific Beach. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend this little Mexican restaurant, Pueblo. My boyfriend and I both agreed they had the best spicy margarita we’ve ever had and their flatbread was to die for. Not to mention, the restaurant was killer with the aesthetics.

My second favorite thing about my new place is the short, two-minute walk to the bay. It’s only been a week and I’ve already taken advantage of being so close to the beach. I’m making it my goal to go watch the sunset at least twice a week.


During the summer, I rarely wear makeup and with that I am usually also lacking in the skincare department. Along with the fact that I am pretty much empty on almost all of my products…I am planning on testing out tons of new stuff and I will hopefully have an updated skincare routine for you guys soon. As for now, I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite beauty products at the moment.

Since moving closer to the beach, I have been spending way too much time in the sun. For sun protection, I am still loving my Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Sunscreen for my face/neck for everyday wear.

As for after-sun care, I have been obsessed with the most simple product that you can pretty much find anywhere, Aloe Vera. I keep mine in my fridge and use it religiously on my face/body and I swear it helps my skin so much.

Lastly, I recently picked up this frank + body lip balm from Ulta and I am obsessed. With other lip balms I’ve tried, I  would always find myself continuously re-applying the product throughout the day, but this one seems to do the trick. It lasts forever!


Am i the only girl who is constantly torn between growing out my hair and suddenly chopping it all off…because I swear I have the debate in my head every single day. I have been growing my hair out since January and I’ve been trying my absolute best to keep it strong and healthy. I am planning to do a blog post all about my hair and my favorite products but for now I thought I’d share the products that have helped my hair grow like no other…


Recently I’ve seen tons of beauty + health bloggers rage about collagen and the Vital Proteins brand itself, so I decided to try it out for myself. Basically, collagen is amazing for your skin, hair + nails…and overall health. I decided to go with the unflavored collagen peptides so I wouldn’t get tired of the taste. I usually just add a scoop into my water or smoothie in the morning and I have seriously noticed a difference. I started using it at the beginning of summer and my hair has grown like crazy.

The only downside of growing your hair out is taming it…so i have been LOVING this detangler spray from Drybar. It keeps my hair so smooth and also protects it from heat.


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I have been LOVING the animal print trend going on right now. The whole trend makes me reminisce on that zebra print, lime green phase my pre-teen self went through. We’ve come a looong way since then and I wanted to share with you guys how I like to style animal prints in my every-day outfits.

I found this cheetah print overall dress on sale from Free People and I’m obsessed. Usually with bold prints, it’s hard to style/re-wear but this has been a staple in my closet. It’s perfect for a quick beach cover-up or if you want to dress-up an outfit. I will link everything below.


I thought I’d also mention this necklace I have been loving. I’ve teamed up with Gem and Company to share with you guys my code, “JAMIELYN20” for 20% off some jewels. I will link their website here.


White Body Suit

White Belt

FP Overall Dress

Silky Pink Tank Top

Cheetah Pants

Platform Vans

Doc Martens

Wicker Bag

Adidas Slides

Cheetah Slides

Round Sunglasses

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Gem + Co Necklace


I just wanted to end this post by saying thank you for all of the sweet, kind messages and support I’ve received since I started my blog. I was a little nervous to put myself out there at first, but I am so happy and overwhelmed with love. Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for more to come, xx.

All Time Favorite Books

The Wanderer Issue 1

Words have always been a safe space for me. Since before I can even remember, I would find myself venting away with the help of a pen; pouring myself across each page. It’s always been a lot easier for me to express myself on paper than in person. Sometimes I feel as though I must write it all down in order to move past it. There’s just something about putting it down on paper that feels so final to me. In some in explainable way, it always felt like someone out there is listening. I think that’s what I’ve always admired about writers is their fearlessness behind each phrase. Their courage to show the world what the inside of their mind looks like. To stand up in a crowded room and scream at the top of their lungs. There’s this element of vulnerability about it that made me fall in love with literature at a young age. The simplicity of an idea and a pen, that brings me a feeling of contentment.

Untitled-31When I think of my all time favorite books, the ones that first come to mind are usually those that made me feel something; whether that be happy, sad, inspired, or a combination of all of those things. Make sure to check them out below, and I hope they bring you as much joy as they did for me xoxo

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

I’ll Tell You in Person by Chloe Caldwell

Sweet Bitter by Stephanie Danler

The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

→ Currently reading: South and West by Joan Didion + so far I am loving it!

Outfit Deets:



Similar pants — better price!


→ Similar shoes that I love!

Bag — best price!

Bag option #2 

Bag option #3

Bag option #4



Earrings option #2

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m always looking for book suggestions so make sure to comment your favorite books below! xoxo


Home Sweet Home

Bright Light Love-3.jpg

IMG_5044Untitled-31.jpgHi there lovelies! Since I am currently back home for a short few weeks, I decided it would be fitting to write a more personal post so you guys can get to know a little more about me. Something I’ve always struggled with was the concept of “home.” Growing up in a military family, I’ve been able to call a wide variety of area codes my “home” from time to time. All the way from a tiny island in Japan to the middle of the Mojave Desert; you could say I’ve lived all over the map. Around seventh-grade, my dad retired and my family and I packed up our tiny desert townhouse and made our thirty-hour road trip to Kentucky. Being so accustomed to moving, this didn’t strike me as anything special but I will say that I knew absolutely nothing about this new place I’d call home—besides KFC and horses. Which is funny to me now because that’s usually the first response I get when I tell people I am from Kentucky. Long story short, I grew to love Kentucky but when it came time to decide on where I’d go to college, I had a strong desire to branch out and apply out-of-state. Little did I know, I would end up moving two-thousand miles away to attend my dream school in San Diego. It wasn’t until that freshman year of college when I honestly realized the true meaning of home. I remember it like yesterday, saying goodbye to my parents on move-in day and feeling an actual pit in my stomach when they walked out that door and I was faced with what I had done. Being the absolute home-body that I am, I don’t think I had ever spent more than five days without my family, and that was at church camp in seventh grade. After going into full panic-mode, I then of course realized what an amazing experience I had in front of me and I decided to make the most of it. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely did…but that’s a different story. This story is about what I learned along the way. Before that year, if someone were to ask me about my home, I would probably tell them that my dad was in the military and it was hard for me to consider one single place I had lived, my home. Or maybe I would describe my house in Kentucky; all brick, down a tree-shaded street. That year, I had learned more about myself and life than I had learned in the seventeen years prior. I learned that sometimes home isn’t just a brick infrastructure with a wrap around porch, or a one bedroom apartment in the city. Home can have two hazel-green eyes, and a crooked smile. It’s the one place where both your mind is at ease, and your heart feels full. Home can look like a rainy Sunday morning, or a Friday night out dancing with your girl friends. It’s where faith always wins over fear. Home isn’t necessarily just a place, or one specific person. I think there’s a little bit of home inside each of us. It’s just a matter of embracing it in the way we live our lives, every single day.







Outfit Deets:

→ Overalls « Brandy Melville »

→ I am also obsessed with these overalls!

→ Top « A&F »

→ Similar top!


→ Similar pair of shoes that I love!


→ Similar bag at a much better price!  — such a STEAL!


→ Same pair of sunnies in a different color — so cute!



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On Sundays, We Brunch

All Things Treats Pin



There’s something about Sunday mornings that brings me a sense of nostalgia. I remember waking up to the smell of abandoned, stale coffee and the faint remembrance of a hectic morning progressing while I languish my way in and out of sleep. My mom never bothered to try to wake us up early on Sundays because she knew once she did, she would never get any of the countless tasks on her endless list taken care of. However, whenever it got too late, much closer to the afternoon than the morning, we would hear her coincidentally start to slam cupboard doors and the strident clinking of pots and pans. Soon enough, the sweet aroma of a warm brunch began to fill our home. I think these little moments from our childhood have a much larger impact on the people we are today. Even if we don’t want to recognize it, these moments shape the way we go about our everyday lives. For instance, I take my time on Sunday mornings and I also find brunch one of the most important meals of the day.







Outfit Details, xoxo.








Stop and Smell the Roses

Floral Love Facebook Cover.png

After living in San Diego for about three years now, I finally made my way to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Just in time, considering that today is the last day that they’re actually open for this season. Although the weather in San Diego lately has been giving me serious rainy-day, stay in bed and watch This Is Us vibes, the flower fields did not disappoint.




You can shop my outfit below ↓↓↓


bag (my new fav)



→ jacket «urbanoutfitters»

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